Community Outreach Programme

Community Outreach Programme

This year at Russells International Circus we are very proud to be launching our brand new Community Outreach Programme which will engage and support local charities throughout the UK.

What is the Outreach programme about?

We believe that everybody should be able to experience the magic of the circus but we also understand that some people’s circumstances make this challenging.

Our programme reaches out to children with disabilities, families on low incomes, those facing challenges such as domestic violence, bereavement or who may be living with a life-limiting condition.

How does the Outreach programme work?

Every performance in every town we visit we allocate an amount of tickets for the outreach programme. We then seek local businesses and companies to sponsor these tickets for a discounted rate and finally we then pass these tickets onto local charities and people we feel can benefit from our programme.

How can you get involved in the Outreach programme?

Its very simple really! If you are a business owner or company that would like to sponsor some tickets to support local charities then please get in touch. In exchange for your contribution we offer you free advertising at all our performances at the town you purchase tickets for, as well as this we give you several plugs and adverts on our social media platforms which are followed by around 20,000 people and our audience is still growing.

If you know of a charity or organisation that would benefit from having tickets donated to them then please get in touch and we will set the wheels in motion!

For more information on this programme and how to get involved or sponsor tickets please email