Covid-19 Guidelines


P U B L I C  I N F O R M A T I O N 


Russells Circus is pleased to announce it will be relaxing some, but not all, restrictions at the Circus in line with the new Government guidance. Masks will no longer be mandatory in the Big Top but we do ask that customers wear them whilst moving around and only remove them when seated. We do have the powers to enforce this, it is just a request. For your safety, we will continue with additional ventilation measures as well as providing hand sanitizer stations around the big top and foyer. We will of course continue to monitor how things are going over the next few weeks and make any future decisions based upon Government advise. Many thanks Russells Circus

Check Our Social Media.

Please check our social media pages and website for updates and tips before you leave home. They will give valuable information including specific requirements for your visit

Contactless Payments & Paying for tickets, souvenirs and snacks

All vendors will offer contactless options to alleviate taking payment on the day. There could also be a token or ticket 

Face Coverings.

We would prefer people visiting the circus to wear a mask, however this is your choice.

If You Have Symptoms.

Do not attend the Circus if you have any symptoms of Covid-19. If you become ill whilst visiting please report to a staff member.

Parking & Arriving At The Circus

Please arrive at the circus with care and caution remembering the Government Guidelines for social distancing. This included where you park any vehicle or when using public transport. 

Circus Signage

Look out for information signs. These may point to the nearest toilet or sanitising station. They may be there to remind of social distancing and special measures that are in place at the Circus.

Enhanced cleaning

We have an enhanced cleaning schedule. This includes a deep clean at the beginning of the day and periodic cleaning of high touch areas during the day. Kiosks/toilets may be down for short periods to facilitate this. 

On site Hygiene

There will be hand sanitiser stations at the Circus. We suggest using them before the performance and then again afterwards. You may wish to bring your own sanitiser to enhance this.

Kiosk, Pay-booth & Catering Units.

We have installed Perspex screens at some kiosks, pay-booths, and catering units to help separate guests and circus workers.

Staff Training.

Circus staff have undergone Covid specific training to help their own and your safety. The Circus owners have also completed covid specific risk assessments.


We ask that everyone visiting the Circus is especially courteous to others visiting during these times. Please be weary your actions (both physical and vocal) don’t agitate others so everyone can enjoy their time with us.