At Russells International Circus and Universal Productions we are your one-stop-shop for all your circus needs.

Whether you are hosting a private party, organizing a corporate event, or looking for unique props for film locations, we have got you covered. Our extensive range of services includes the hire of big top circus tents ranging from 24 m to 36 m in diameter. These impressive structures will create a magical atmosphere for your event and provide a captivating experience for your guests.

To ensure the comfort of your audience, we offer a variety of seating options. Choose from grandstand bucket style seating, tiered bench style seating, or individual chairs. Regardless of the seating arrangement you choose, your guests will have an excellent view of the show.

In addition to tents and seating, we also provide a wide range of circus props, aerial equipment, and fixtures and fittings. These props can add an extra layer of excitement and authenticity to your event. From trapeze swings to tightropes, clown cars to life size elephants we have everything you need to create a mesmerizing circus experience.

To enhance the overall ambiance, we can also provide lighting and sound equipment. Our professional technicians will ensure that your event is visually stunning and that every sound is crisp and clear. Whether you are looking for dramatic spotlights or vibrant colored lights, we have the equipment to bring your vision to life.

No circus experience is complete without some delectable treats. We offer popcorn machines, candy floss machines, and slush machines to satisfy your guests’ cravings. Additionally, our candy carts add a touch of nostalgia and fun to any event.

If you are looking for a complete package, we can also provide shows and production services. Our experienced team can create bespoke circus performances tailored to your requirements. From intimate shows to large-scale productions, we have the expertise and resources to make your event unforgettable.

So, whether you are hosting a small gathering or planning a grand event, Russells International Circus and Universal Productions are here to fulfill all your circus-related needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us help you create a truly remarkable experience!

To make an enquiry please email office@russellscircus.co.uk